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About Madonna

Madonna Green, a multidimensional jewelry artist is known for her vibrant and original style of design. Madonna who has embraced artistic expression all of her life was educated in Maryland Public Schools and has taken several classes in various mediums: drawing, painting, tailoring, sculpting, and jewelry design. Her artistic journey began as a small child with weekly visits to the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. During this cherished time her mother taught her toappreciate and love art. Captivated by what she saw she began seeking a form of expression that best defined her. After exploring several mediums she realized that jewelry design inspired her the most. Twelve years after her first class Madonna transitioned her hobby into a business. In 2004 she opened Marvelous Creations by Madonna specializing in custom, one of a kind wearable art and artisan jewelry. Her focus - offer exceptional statement pieces which can be worn with casual, business and evening attire.

A visionary and always creative, Madonna is constantly seeking new ways to add diversity and expound on her artistic expression. Madonna currently teaches private classes and bead weaving and artistic wire design at Precious Stones Bead Shoppe in Catonsville, MD. Her work has been featured on shows A Conversation and More and Artworks Today with the Denali Beading Circle , show cased in Camilla Blackwell Studio and mentioned in the Baltimore Sun.

As Madonna continues to reach for greater horizons in her artistic aspirations she holds on to this statement: “Beauty and art are all around us. Admire, embrace then give it back for others to enjoy!”

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